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73.1% of Politicians are Scum

John KerryTed StevensJohn ConyersTom DelayRoland BurrisMitch McConnellCharlie RangelBob Ney

The vast majority of elected officials are dishonest, corrupt, unprincipled, self-indulgent abusers of the public’s trust. They are out of touch and out of control, with a singular focus on maintaining their careers in politics.

In Unabridged, politicians are defined as those more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles.

Politicians (i.e. scum) distract us with their frivolous game of “Democrats versus Republicans,” but the reality is their only goal is to obtain power and get control of your money.

Using your money, politicians (i.e. scum) have done the following:

  1. Compiled debt and obligations in excess of $63,800,000,000,000, which represents $546,668 per household.
  2. Lied to you about what they (i.e. scum) will do with your money.
  3. Created an industry in which your money is taken, in the form of taxes, and redistributed to whatever institutions have given them (i.e. scum) the most donations or whomever will provide them (i.e. scum) the most votes.
  4. Attempted to create an environment in which you no longer control your own destiny. Instead, you are dependent on them (i.e. scum) for handouts, rebates, and bailouts.

Stop treating politicians (i.e. scum) as if they have your best interests at heart. They (i.e. scum) do not. Remember, the scum-sucking maggots are employed by you.

You should demand better.

Arlen SpecterOlympia SnoweShiela Jackson LeeHal RogersDavid ObeyJohn McCainJay RockefellerJerry Lewis
Robert WexlerTom FeeneyBill ClintonMark FoleyJohn EdwardsKen CalvertJim McGreeveyRandy Cunningham
Laura RichardsonRoy BluntJohn DingellLarry CraigTom DaschleSusan CollinsMaxine WatersJohn Ensign
Alcee HastingsVito FossellaDan RostenkowskiRichard PomboWilliam JeffersonBill FristDavid ScottThad Cochran
Ed MarkeyDennis HastertTim MahoneyVern BuchananBarack ObamaJohn DoolittleGeorge RyanCharles Taylor
Barney FrankJohn CornynAl GoreMark SanfordHillary ClintonGeorge BushJim MoranPete Sessions

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